19 July 2013

Upstairs Bathroom Updates

I originally started updating our main upstairs bath back in January.  Yes, it's shameful how long it took to finish the details- especially considering how small a project it was! Life with a toddler... oh well. A leaky spout diverter was the original cause for updating, and the changes we made (while not drastic) were worth all the effort! The "Home Depot Special" spout was replaced with a Hansgrohe E Spout with diverter- and I just love the simplicity of it. Something about this one seemed so much more elegant and simple than the others. The shower head was perhaps the best update- we now have a Hansgrohe Raindance S 150 AIR handheld shower head. Seriously people. Best shower head I've ever used. And the functionality of a handheld unit with a toddler and 2 dogs has been extremely helpful. I would *highly* recommend one of these to anyone re-doing a shower! I wanted to also update part 2 of the "Home Depot Special" in the control valve and trim (the part you use to control on/off and temperature). Alas! Jesse is not experienced enough in plumbing to replace a valve (which costs $$$ anyway), and the replacements that fit our current valve didn't blend well at all. Eh... no big deal.

Since I'm incapable of just doing what is necessary, we replaced the sconces on either side of the medicine cabinet; the chrome finish on them was deteriorating, so they always looked dirty or dingy. Shockingly, I found something I could afford on a huge lighting sale at Restoration Hardware! The Keller Sconce reminds me of a vintage barber shop or something... Beyond that it was just some new turquoise bamboo towels, accessories borrowed from elsewhere in the home, painting the medicine cabinet nook black, and some vintage Kohler ads to update the photo frames. All in all a pretty minimal update visually from what it was before, but I'm really happy with the 'final touches' that make it just a touch more elegant and functional!

15 July 2013

Rex's Nursery Redo

Not too many changes from when Pippa occupied it, but that was the intention all along. The nursery was always one of my favorite rooms, so the redo was the result of switching out a few of the more feminine touches for something gender neutral or boyish. I really wanted to replace Sleeping Beauty with a classic Mon Oncle poster... but Jesse won out and got Star Wars instead of another dachshund item. It just so happened the only Star Wars poster that went with the room was from Italy when it first came out...

04 July 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Hope your day was filled with fun, family, friends, fireworks, and too many hot dogs!


02 July 2013

Pippa's Big Girl Room

I'm calling it "vintage toddler chic..."

We've added a bed rail & the little toot is now in her own big girl bed! Only on the 2nd night, but so far, so good. It took me a long time to really get a vision for the room- much more so than any others I've done in the house. I think it was the challenge of accommodating the wooden closet doors (which are gorgeous, but not something I'd normally choose myself) and really trying to limit new purchases. Regardless, it's finally done and I -and Pippa- love it! I'm particularly fond of the blending of family heirlooms (the quilt on the bed, runner behind the headboard, my old rocking horse...) with fun, modern touches (pint-sized Eames rocker, forest wall decal, 3Sprouts bins). The nursery officially belongs to the new baby now (not due until September), and I'll be updating on that as well since it's shifting a bit for a boy; the look is still pretty much the same though.

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