21 April 2013

Pineapple Poster Beds!

Picked up these two beauties via Craigslist today! I went to check on the ad for just one and discovered they had 2! We know we'll eventually have 2 kiddos in our second bedroom, and I've never been a fan of bunk beds, so to find a matching set was a pleasant surprise! I love the pineapple poster style of these guys, and they're a nice lower profile- perfect for a pesky little toddler I know!

They'll serve as Pippa's big girl bed (and #2's when the time comes), but they need some TLC first. Lots of nicks & scratches, and one has a broken foot board. Previous owners "James and John" were clever enough to also leave their mark- carving their names into the headboards (also... "Go Jets"). I was originally going to paint them fire engine red, but now that they're cleaned up.... they look a lot better than they did at first. So I'm going to throw on a couple more coats of polish & see how they're looking. I might just lightly refinish the main, flat headboard portions.

We don't plan to move Pippa into her new room until Christmas, but she could technically figure out how to escape her crib sooner than then. If that happens, well, she'll be moving a bit sooner...

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