14 February 2013

Sgt Pippa's Lonely Hearts Club Band

10 February 2013

Still Alive!

No, I've not fallen ill or died. I'm still here. Things have just been hectic, and amid it all blogging has taken a backseat. It doesn't help that I started this blog with the intent of posting about decor, art, and home design projects. I don't blog to document Pippa's life or our day-to-day, but lately we just haven't done m/any things that I felt went with the purpose of the blog. I do have to say though, that now that Pippa's getting older, I've started to think about her 'big girl room,' so there'll be some blog-worthy stuff pretty soon. And we did some updates to our upstairs bath as well- nothing major, but enough to definitely warrant a post or two... I just have to touch up some paint first! ;)

Meanwhile, here's what the little Pipsqueak is looking like these days...

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