26 August 2013

Pippa's Painting Party!

My little sprite is TWO, and we celebrated with a painting party! Was I crazy to invite a trove of toddlers over to paint while 36+ weeks pregnant? Perhaps. Was it full of chaos, fun, creativity, color, and joy? Yes! No regrets here- we all had a blast! Miraculously, we were able get everything all cleaned up pretty quickly by the end of the night. Today was spent relaxing in PJs, reading new books, and playing with new toys. We have such wonderful, generous, helpful friends- I cannot thank them all enough for making Pippa's party such a success! :) I hope they all had as much fun as I did!



best party ever! I'm going to have to remember this! :) Happy Birthday Pippa and blessings on the arrival of the newest little one!

Shannon Griffith

Tess do you mind if I post this on Pinterest! This was by far the cutest most creative party I've seen. :)

Tess Carter

Of course Shannon! :)

Dakesha Hablog
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