15 August 2013

Backyard Privacy Screen

Coming from Texas suburbs to quaint little Mt. Lebanon has one very noticeable difference in yards... privacy. Partly due to hills, partly due to restrictive rules, there are very few 6' stockade privacy fences around (and those that exist were grandfathered in years ago). I tend to be of the opinion that "good fences make good neighbors," so as soon as we were able, we fenced in the backyard. We already had a privacy fence blocking our neighbor's patio on one side, but the remaining side was difficult to handle due to a retaining wall & height difference. Our neighbors are building elsewhere now and plan to put their house on the market in the next few weeks, so if there was *ever* a time to do something, this is it.

I'm not going to lie... I love our neighbors, but I do not appreciate looking at this every time I step outside my door. Those pots used to have tomatoes in them... 3 years ago. So after much consideration of our options, Jesse begrudgingly pulled out the post-hole digger again, and a week later...

I *love* it! I do not consider it a complete 'after' though. Eventually, I'm sure we'll hang a decoration or two on it, and I plan to place some trough planters at the bottom with english ivy growing upward onto the screen. With a to-do list longer than I can manage and a baby coming in a month, it isn't exactly at the top of my list. In the mean time though, I'm just thrilled with it as-is!


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