12 November 2012

Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp

Pretty sure this is THE coolest lamp ever. Ever. Ever. If I didn't have Christmas gifts to buy... I'd have already bought this for myself.

09 November 2012

More Paintings!

Nights around these parts have been mostly filled with painting these past few weeks...


06 November 2012

Bubble Clock

I think I have a thing for clocks. I'm always finding interesting ones I love, and I even have a prized set of clockwork china hanging on my wall. Anyway, my latest timepiece crush is this Newgate Bubble Clock over at West Elm.

I think it's the perfect amount of whimsy and practicality. The $85 price tag doesn't seem too bad... although I'm wary since we've had a bad history of clocks going bad on us. I'll have to keep this one bookmarked in case our current red kitchen clock ever conks out.

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