20 October 2012

It's Fall Yall!

 My loves! We went to Raccoon Creek State Park yesterday to take some pictures of the babe and our little family (minus the dogs) with the fall color. It's peaking around here, so the drive was lovely, and we got some great shots. The Pipster wasn't as cooperative as she could have been, but it was still a success. :)

 The best!

14 October 2012

Little Bo Pip and her Dog Sheep

We're all ready for Halloween in this house!

12 October 2012


It's been a long time since doing a commission, but if I was gonna get back in the swing of things, I couldn't have asked for a cuter model! And no- I didn't fabricate the pose... this little guy really was sitting there 'reading a book' lol! :) The painting is on its way to Canada now to Oscar & his awesome owner!

09 October 2012

My New Favorite Artist

We've got a new addition to our living room picture wall! The Pipster is officially my new favorite artist, and I couldn't be more proud. I was volunteering at a children's Paint Out event in our town Saturday and called Jesse up to bring Pippa. I figured I'd be thrilled if she managed to not eat the paint, but she did surprisingly well (with guidance lol). I can't wait for more masterpieces!

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