18 September 2012

The Basement Playroom

Our basement has undergone quite a few big changes in the past couple of months. We got a new sofa, rearranged the layout, painted, revamped Pippa's play area, and of course, put down new flooring. I still have the wall by the stairs to paint and a bit of drywall to repair where they fixed our small leak, but I decided to go ahead and photograph it anyway...

The sofa was from Macy's and is a very graphite, neutral grey color (which is surprisingly hard to photograph). While our basement is actually pretty well lit, the lighting photographs terribly. I wanted leather (it wipes up soooo easily), but Jesse was all over the microfiber; the price difference won me over. We actually went one night just to check them out, and Jesse liked this sofa so much we ordered it on the spot & he wanted to bring it home that night! It got bonus points when Jesse was holding Pippa and she passed out within minutes of Jesse laying down on it. The yellow Moroccan pouf is from Overstock- and I love it!! A little trendier than I like, but I thought it was perfect for the space. Jesse's vintage Star Wars posters also got a prominent new home.

It's quite cozy, and the dogs think we bought it for them.

I love this wool rug I snatched for a bargain at RugsUSA.com! It makes the floor soft enough, is super fun, but doesn't look like a crayola box vomited all over it. It also hides the (still noticeably uneven) area where we had to repair the floor. It's a cow print rug, but I call it the dalmatian rug.

 Another Star Wars appearance. Jesse's the one who'd been pushing a new sofa, but somehow I'm the one who lost my desk & storage space while he gained desk space. Hmmm... Good thing I love the new room enough to let that slide.

TV placement was the #1 reason we were limited by sofa size. This placement isn't as ideal as the nook was, but it's the best compromise for a larger sofa.  We were still pretty limited though... furniture is so enormous these days!

Love it!

04 September 2012

Gated Up

One of the main reasons I've been so scarce around the blog lately is simply that Pippa is walking now. She was plenty mobile before, but with walking comes speed and a sudden desire to race up the stairs as quickly as possible. So, I set about ordering a baby gate for the foot of our stairs (our one weakness!). Unfortunately, not only is the space wider than the normal gate can accomodate, it's right smack in the middle of the living room- so I of course demanded something with at least a little flair. It didn't need to be fancy; I just wanted something that blended in a bit more than most gates I'd seen.

Thankfully, I eventually stumbled upon the Munchkin Wood & Steel Deco Gate... and was able to figure out how to add additional extensions to make it fit. It was a little tricky to get the measurements right since any gate with extensions is likely to have 'blind spots' ...distances that are between two sizes, and Munchkin's customer service wasn't very clear or confident in their recommendation. Luckily, I figured out which extension to buy and was on my way... or so I thought. The gate itself came from Amazon and was here quite quickly (as expected); the extension had to come direct from Munchkin though, and FedEx took their sweet time getting it here. It spent three days in Grove City, Ohio for no apparent reason other than to make me crazy. I couldn't wait to get that gate up. But it did finally arrive, and we got it installed- much to our delight! Maybe now I can finally get back to accomplishing something during the day...

The wood & steel look blends so well with the living room, and installing it wasn't too bad (although it took a while to figure out the 'pictures only' instructions). The lock doesn't seem like something a toddler would figure out at all, but it's easy-peasy for an adult to use. It seems very well made & sturdy and opens in both directions. It does not close on its own- but we wanted that since there are times we want to leave it open. Very, very satisfied!

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