24 July 2012

A little less awkward...

This is probably the most awkward photo I've ever taken (or one of them anyway). See that little white blob on the Pickle Dog's chin? It's a growth. Like a skin tag. Totally gross, right? The vet said we could pay them hundreds of dollars to surgically remove it & it could still come back. Uhhh... no thanks. Then she added that they sometimes just fall off (yeah right). It emphasizes her awkwardness exponentially. Or... it DID. It actually did fall off! Thank God.

So now she's (just a little) less awkward. But still pretty awkward.

21 July 2012

I love you this much!

A reader tipped me on to these adorable Watercolor Pet Pillows from Pottery Barn Teen. Ah-doh-ra-ble. Bought that doxie one immediately- it looks like it was made just for my bedroom!! The little French Bulldog is pretty darn cute too...

Sorry for the break- the Pipster and I had been in Maryland, but we're back now. Jesse's parents are here for several days, so I might still be a little sparse. Meanwhile...

 What a little toot.

10 July 2012

Madeline + Crab

In case you hadn't seen it yet. And frankly, even if you did, you probably want to see it again.
And if you're still feeling the need to cool off this summer with some doxies...

09 July 2012

Yellow Pears & Felt Bowls

Check out this nice little bowl of fake pears on my coffee table...

 (ignore the ratty dog tennis ball trying to pretend it's a chic pear)

 Yup. This is what happens to it pretty much every day...

It's hard to be mad at that cute little face (especially when she's smiling and giggling while she flings them around the room), but the one part of this little ritual I'm not fond of it the banging of the metal basket on the marble table top. I don't think she'll do any real damage with it, but it makes an awful annoying 'clang' sound.

So I'm thinking a softer receptacle might be a wise choice for something within Pippa's grasp. Surely a colorful little felt bowl or fabric basket would be dirt cheap, right? Wrong. Of course, the prices are often reasonable when they're made by hand, but I'm just not in the market to spend much on something like this, and my favorites were all really expensive. But anyway, here's what I've dredged up so far...

This is the Wobowl Softbowl. Looks pretty awesome, 100% felt, bright & colorful... $40.

Love the bright colors of this handmade coiled fabric basket by AbbysSewAwesome on Etsy,
but I'm not sure it's the feel I want.  $25

This crocheted  trio adds a nice dose of texture. By odpamm on etsy- $40.

This is like what I originally had in mind. Nice, thick, felt.  $32 from feltplanet on etsy.

Perhaps the surprise winner? Soft CORK bowls (warm and pliable like leather- who knew?)
A conversation starter from Branch $34-$48.

This little guy is priced right on sale at $20, but he's small and only left in charcoal.

I can't bring myself to spend $14 per pebble on these beauties from Branch, but wouldn't they be awesome!?? They seem like a great blend of colorful decor & safe toy. I looked into colorful wool dryer balls to replace the pears, but they too got a little too pricey. Not that they weren't worth the price, I just don't feel like spending $100+ on a baby-friendly coffee table display right now.

I'm thinking the blue beauty from feltplanet or the cork bowl from Branch might be the one for me...

05 July 2012

WOOF Dachshund Speaker

I think Jesse might need this. It randomly 'woofs' and nods its head while it plays your music. Because he wishes there was more barking and noise in this household you know. ;)

04 July 2012

Happy 4th of July!

03 July 2012

New Look!

As you've probably noticed, I gave the blog a face-lift yesterday; I might be doing a little more tweaking here & there, but the design is pretty much complete. I hope you like it as much as I do! Unfortunately (as you can see on the right), I still have a ways to go repairing all of the missing images. I've deleted a huge hunk of posts, I've updated many, but I'm just not done yet. I'm worried that I might not have every image easily accessible of rooms that have gone through many changes; we'll see. My plan is to do a whole house tour when I'm done- to document new changes and replace any posts that ended up deleted. In the meantime, enjoy the rad new look!

02 July 2012


We finally got our MeasureMe Stick up! It was our Mother's Day/Father's Day gift from my mother-in-law Barb (thanks Barb!). We had to wait quite a while to get an extra set of hardware (ours didn't ship with any), but I think it was worth the wait. It matches our decor perfectly, it's playful, and now we can measure the Pipster. I'm glad we waited for their hardware instead of hanging it on our own- the specially designed knobs keep it securely on the wall so tots can't swing it or pull it off. It's also nice to have something to take with us if we move- but without being made out of something flimsy and easily damaged like paper or fabric. And of course my favorite aspect is simply that it looks like grown-up decor... not something that belongs strictly in a nursery. Highly recommend.



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