29 June 2012

So much going on!

Let's just say, things have been pretty chaotic, but I'll have some big (fun!) changes to share soon!

28 June 2012

First Zoo Trip!

Pippa and I trekked over to the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium Wednesday with some friends & had a blast. Favorite animals? The black bear & the nest of African Painted Dogs (doggies!).

 Elephants pale in comparison to Mum Mums.

 Look! A giraffe!

 Hangin' with the 'doggies!'

 Passed out before we got to the kangaroos, but that's ok, they were mostly napping too.

It was a very good day.

22 June 2012

Colorful Klippan Legs!

Ikea's Klippan sofa is pretty popular, but I don't know anyone who likes the cheap aluminum tube legs. Even though we're not in grad school anymore, Jesse and I still love our black leather Klippan- but we changed up the legs for some DIY wooden ones back in college. Unfortunately, when we moved to Pittsburgh, they must have gotten banged around quite a bit; our sofa has been pretty wobbly ever since. We finally decided to remedy the problem, and I wish we'd done it years ago!

The legs were $4 each from Ace Hardware, and since Ikea's sofas use metric bolts & screws, we simply screwed a new mounting plate on each corner (another $3 each?). So much easier than how we did it last time! Some tape and a couple coats of colorful paint later & I'm loving the new look. We could have gone with wooden tapered legs to match the coffee table from Uncle Bob's Workshop (seriously- I've heard great things!), but I think I prefer the surprise pop of color. I was also a little anxious about them seeming too thin for the chunky Klippan, but I really like the retro vibe they give- almost a hairpin look.

And if I get tired in the future... slap on a new color!

19 June 2012

Major Blog Overhaul...

After taking a step back & re-evaluating everything, here's my plan for the blog now that I've lost all the photos.
  • Re-upload photos for posts about the house, DIY projects, and other high-page view topics. I still have almost all of the photos on my personal server- but I have to manually re-upload and link each one individually; this will take a long time. I've started with the most-viewed and most-recent pages, so photos should start re-appearing pretty quickly.
  • Delete a lot of posts. This is hard, but I'll be deleting a lot of posts because I simply don't have time to manually re-do 500 posts. 
  • Re-design! It really sucks having to delete a huge chunk of your work, and nothing about this process is remotely fun or enjoyable, so I need something to smile about. Somewhere in here, I plan to update the look of the blog- nothing major to the structure- just cosmetic!
  • Keep on posting. It might take me quite a while to get this all done (months?), and I don't want to only focus on that, so I fully plan to keep on posting. :)
And because this whole ordeal is so awful and unpleasant... here's something adorable...

17 June 2012

I'm going to be sick.

Scroll down. See those black boxes with the exclamation marks? Yeah. All my blog photos. Gone. All my blog photos. Three years of blogging... vanished. Thanks a lot Google+.

See at some point, android linked up my Picasa albums with my phone. Back when the babe was born, I had started some albums to share with family- but I ended up not continuing with that. The link remained though, and those photos were always getting in the way of photos & videos I took on the phone- so I went to delete them. I found them on Google+ instead of Picasa; it asked if I was sure I wanted to delete. I looked at the albums I was deleting & saw the photos from those few months (all backed up on my server), and clicked yes. I had no idea that I was also deleting all of my blog photos (I never even saw them!). And of course there is no recovery option. 

Unbelievable. And what's more... a quick google search shows that I am nowhere near the first to have this happen. Unacceptable. How is it that Blogger will let me still recover an old school blog from years ago (that I would love to permanently delete) and it was that easy to permanently delete every photo on my blog? I am furious.

So what now? I'm going to think about it. Some images I cannot replace, and I will likely go through and try to delete those posts. I might take the opportunity to redesign the blog. Meanwhile, I am so very sorry if you come here looking for something and find no images. I will do my best to restore the images from popular posts as quickly as I am able.

13 June 2012

Three-Quarters Yellow Wall

I posted about this photo almost a year ago, and I'm still thinking about it...

I think if a year goes by and I'm still loving it, I should do it. There's an awkward wall in the guest bedroom I've never felt happy with. The hardest part will be figuring out the correct height to cut off at. I'm not sure when I'll get to it (this weekend maybe? ha.), but I think I could totally rock this. And what's an extra coat of paint on one measly little wall? Psh. I got this.

12 June 2012

My Swimsuit!

I used to be a bikini girl, but now I have a baby. Don't get me wrong... I've lost all the baby weight, but I'm still not too keen on jumping back in a sexy two-piece. That said, I'm not planning on sporting the 'mom swim dress' look anytime soon either. So I searched far and wide, and found (and promptly bought) this...

It's the Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece from ModCloth, and it rocks! It's supportive and covers everything, but I still feel like such a glamor puss. I love that it's modest without screaming 'mom' and that it flatters in all the right places and makes me look (or maybe just feel) like a pin-up girl. :) I highly recommend checking out ModCoth's suits; they've got a whole range of suits that have such a perky, vintage vibe and fit any style or body type!

06 June 2012

A Tooth!

02 June 2012

I hate bees.

We have carpenter bees in our porch roof. Again. And a bird's nest. Again. And now a wasp nest (that one's new). Yes, we treat and plug the bee holes, but they're constantly coming back, and we feel like we should do something else. As you can see- the roof wasn't really meant to be 'seen' permanently as is. Previous owners planned on finishing it into a 4 seasons room- but we don't plan on that. So these are our options...

1) Do nothing new. Live with bees. Be really annoyed and hope they don't do too much damage.

2) Seal with polyurethane. Going to be a huge pain with all those joists- it's not a small porch and it's tall. Also, it's not really meant to be 'finished' as is... obviously.

3) Paint it. Still a lot of work, and we're not sure if we'd like the look of paint. We'd probably do the tan that matches the trim on the house.

4) Put up a legit beadboard ceiling. It's more than we want to spend, but our bigger concern would be that bees or wasps could still find their way up there past the ceiling and then we couldn't even get to them. Don't know if they would or not though. 

So stylish. Especially with the 'THIS SIDE DOWN' and all.

Any thoughts? Anyone actually tackle this kind of project before?

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