28 May 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Hoping you all had a blessed Memorial Day! I am so thankful for everyone who has or will serve in our nation's military and the sacrifices, both big and small, you make.  

We celebrated with the local parade, yard work, and patriotic bunting! I'm hoping to keep the bunting up through the summer (people do that here... must be the small towns and old houses, you know), but we'll see how it holds up.

25 May 2012

MeasureMe Stick

A while back my mother-in-law Barb sent me an email saying she'd like to get us a growth chart as a combined Mother's Day/Father's Day present. Not gonna lie: I immediately groaned and started thinking about how to politely tell her I hate growth charts. Then I clicked on the links she sent. Holy cow! When did growth charts get so cool? Most were versions of the Pottery Barn Kids giant wooden ruler, but my (and her) favorite by far was the MeasureMe Stick from Yanko Design...

This is going to look SO cool in our house. I cannot wait to get it.

From Love to Bingo: Getty Images

Saw this over on BoingBoing... love it! A short film made entirely from Getty Images stock photos... how fun!

24 May 2012

4 Generations

I was so fortunate to be in Houston for my first Mother's Day as a mom. I missed Jesse, but I had my own mother, my grandma, and of course my babe! Four generations! I absolutely love Pittsburgh, but the #1 thing that sucks is being so far from my family. I need to set up Skype... anyone use it for cross-country family time?

23 May 2012

Hello there!

Hi everybody! It's me- Pippa! Mommy and I have been so busy lately- we went all the way back to Texas again for my Aunt Nell's wedding! I had so much fun going to the beach, pool, making friends, and going to the wedding (which was gorgeous). Because of my enormous array of toys and clothes, mommy couldn't bring her laptop, so she didn't get to blog. She can't wait to tell you all about it now that we're back though- so stay tuned!

12 May 2012


The babe and I are hanging out in my sister's (near packed up) apartment during the Texas A&M graduation. MAJOR congrats to Nell and her almost-husband Tanner who are both graduating with Master's degrees in Math today (nerds!). Extra crazy congrats to Tanner who also recieved a really prestigious award ($5k!!). The highest student award, he got it by being incredibly involved, passionate, smart, and generally awesome. :)

07 May 2012

Moving Forward...

The babe is!
I think she's trying to buy more diapers and toys.

03 May 2012

Nusery Update

The nursery has changed a bit since you last saw it.The most obvious change of course is the bassinet turning into a crib! We've also switched some things around & added a few decor items. The DecoyLab clock moved to another wall, and in its place is now a canvas print from a design sheet for Waldi- the 1972 Olympic mascot. Above the door we hung a crocheted, mounted T-Rex head, and of course... more toys!

 Check out this paper- it's actually wrapping paper I chose to hang like a poster. Isn't it darling???

"Hi everyone!"

02 May 2012

New Bed!

We finally traded in our old full-size bed for a queen-sized Tempurpedic Cloud! It is dreamy. Of course, upgrading our size meant a new bedframe and linens too. Enter: the Alpine bed from CB2. Love it! It's solid, sleek, simple, and functional. I was looking forward to having no side tables, but the little Offi Tiki Stool works well to hide the outlet behind it. The quilt is a simple coverlet from Target, and everything else just got a little tweaking- if that. And now, I never want to get out of bed. I've been toying with the idea of painting the walls a super, super whispy pale blue (so pale you think it might be white), but for now, I'm undecided.

 It's exhausting being a babe.

Now that I have an adorable babe popping up in many photos, I find it much more difficult to edit down my choices. I apologize for having more photos than necessary. :)

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