04 December 2012

The Felt Christmas Tree

It's been all over the internet as an adorable, cheap, DIY activity for the little ones, so I figured I'd best use up the stack of felt scraps I have and make a tree for Pippa. I cheerfully walked to the local fabric store for the green tree felt. I came home and fed Pippa a lunch of peas, carrots, potatoes, and cheesy chicken while cutting out perky little ornaments. I burnt my fingers hot gluing the ornament decorations. I felt so productive... then came the big moment... I hung it on the wall... and I called her over- anxious to watch her play and squeal in delight. She wanted nothing to do with it. Nothing. She didn't even want to pull the ornaments off. Pippa: 1    Christmas: 0

I did manage to get her to go stand near it with some sneaky luring just long enough to get a photo... but she quickly ran away right after I snapped the shot.



Isn't that the way it always goes? Sigh. The tree is adorable though!


Are you okay, Tess?

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