09 July 2012

Yellow Pears & Felt Bowls

Check out this nice little bowl of fake pears on my coffee table...

 (ignore the ratty dog tennis ball trying to pretend it's a chic pear)

 Yup. This is what happens to it pretty much every day...

It's hard to be mad at that cute little face (especially when she's smiling and giggling while she flings them around the room), but the one part of this little ritual I'm not fond of it the banging of the metal basket on the marble table top. I don't think she'll do any real damage with it, but it makes an awful annoying 'clang' sound.

So I'm thinking a softer receptacle might be a wise choice for something within Pippa's grasp. Surely a colorful little felt bowl or fabric basket would be dirt cheap, right? Wrong. Of course, the prices are often reasonable when they're made by hand, but I'm just not in the market to spend much on something like this, and my favorites were all really expensive. But anyway, here's what I've dredged up so far...

This is the Wobowl Softbowl. Looks pretty awesome, 100% felt, bright & colorful... $40.

Love the bright colors of this handmade coiled fabric basket by AbbysSewAwesome on Etsy,
but I'm not sure it's the feel I want.  $25

This crocheted  trio adds a nice dose of texture. By odpamm on etsy- $40.

This is like what I originally had in mind. Nice, thick, felt.  $32 from feltplanet on etsy.

Perhaps the surprise winner? Soft CORK bowls (warm and pliable like leather- who knew?)
A conversation starter from Branch $34-$48.

This little guy is priced right on sale at $20, but he's small and only left in charcoal.

I can't bring myself to spend $14 per pebble on these beauties from Branch, but wouldn't they be awesome!?? They seem like a great blend of colorful decor & safe toy. I looked into colorful wool dryer balls to replace the pears, but they too got a little too pricey. Not that they weren't worth the price, I just don't feel like spending $100+ on a baby-friendly coffee table display right now.

I'm thinking the blue beauty from feltplanet or the cork bowl from Branch might be the one for me...


Sarah Carter

Love those acessories: take a look at this blog, it could be inspiring: http://delightfull.eu/blog/

LaBella Leigh

Hello! Welcome to Toddler World! While you should not remove all iems from your tables, you may want to remove the items that have sentimental value and difficult to replace, expensive items and the most damaging for up to a year. Any of the options shown would be a great soft replacement, because the banging will continue for a few more months!
La Bella Leigh


Loving the cork baskets!!!

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