02 July 2012


We finally got our MeasureMe Stick up! It was our Mother's Day/Father's Day gift from my mother-in-law Barb (thanks Barb!). We had to wait quite a while to get an extra set of hardware (ours didn't ship with any), but I think it was worth the wait. It matches our decor perfectly, it's playful, and now we can measure the Pipster. I'm glad we waited for their hardware instead of hanging it on our own- the specially designed knobs keep it securely on the wall so tots can't swing it or pull it off. It's also nice to have something to take with us if we move- but without being made out of something flimsy and easily damaged like paper or fabric. And of course my favorite aspect is simply that it looks like grown-up decor... not something that belongs strictly in a nursery. Highly recommend.






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