12 June 2012

My Swimsuit!

I used to be a bikini girl, but now I have a baby. Don't get me wrong... I've lost all the baby weight, but I'm still not too keen on jumping back in a sexy two-piece. That said, I'm not planning on sporting the 'mom swim dress' look anytime soon either. So I searched far and wide, and found (and promptly bought) this...

It's the Beach Blanket Bingo One Piece from ModCloth, and it rocks! It's supportive and covers everything, but I still feel like such a glamor puss. I love that it's modest without screaming 'mom' and that it flatters in all the right places and makes me look (or maybe just feel) like a pin-up girl. :) I highly recommend checking out ModCoth's suits; they've got a whole range of suits that have such a perky, vintage vibe and fit any style or body type!



Great suit! But I want to know what the guys linking arms in the background are doing?!?!?!?


That is a cute suit! I love the black and white polka dots.

Mary Sanders

OK, I just had to comment on this one. When you first posted the beach pictures, I was in LOVE with your bathing suit. I even told my husband, I think it is perfect because you look so so cute in it, but it is not crazy revealing. And I feel the same way, something weird about being a mom now, ad not wanting to be in a super skimpy bikini while holding a 5 month old, haha. So just had to say, I fully agree with your thoughts and love that you shared where it's from. And that you have the most adorable little girl ever!


I have the same suit in a different color, and I agree - it's awesome and adorable and totally comfortable.

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