19 June 2012

Major Blog Overhaul...

After taking a step back & re-evaluating everything, here's my plan for the blog now that I've lost all the photos.
  • Re-upload photos for posts about the house, DIY projects, and other high-page view topics. I still have almost all of the photos on my personal server- but I have to manually re-upload and link each one individually; this will take a long time. I've started with the most-viewed and most-recent pages, so photos should start re-appearing pretty quickly.
  • Delete a lot of posts. This is hard, but I'll be deleting a lot of posts because I simply don't have time to manually re-do 500 posts. 
  • Re-design! It really sucks having to delete a huge chunk of your work, and nothing about this process is remotely fun or enjoyable, so I need something to smile about. Somewhere in here, I plan to update the look of the blog- nothing major to the structure- just cosmetic!
  • Keep on posting. It might take me quite a while to get this all done (months?), and I don't want to only focus on that, so I fully plan to keep on posting. :)
And because this whole ordeal is so awful and unpleasant... here's something adorable...


Dwight Groves

Love it and I hope updating/over-hauling the blog goes very well.

Give my best to everyone in the Cozy Little Cave.

God's blessings from Texas,

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