17 June 2012

I'm going to be sick.

Scroll down. See those black boxes with the exclamation marks? Yeah. All my blog photos. Gone. All my blog photos. Three years of blogging... vanished. Thanks a lot Google+.

See at some point, android linked up my Picasa albums with my phone. Back when the babe was born, I had started some albums to share with family- but I ended up not continuing with that. The link remained though, and those photos were always getting in the way of photos & videos I took on the phone- so I went to delete them. I found them on Google+ instead of Picasa; it asked if I was sure I wanted to delete. I looked at the albums I was deleting & saw the photos from those few months (all backed up on my server), and clicked yes. I had no idea that I was also deleting all of my blog photos (I never even saw them!). And of course there is no recovery option. 

Unbelievable. And what's more... a quick google search shows that I am nowhere near the first to have this happen. Unacceptable. How is it that Blogger will let me still recover an old school blog from years ago (that I would love to permanently delete) and it was that easy to permanently delete every photo on my blog? I am furious.

So what now? I'm going to think about it. Some images I cannot replace, and I will likely go through and try to delete those posts. I might take the opportunity to redesign the blog. Meanwhile, I am so very sorry if you come here looking for something and find no images. I will do my best to restore the images from popular posts as quickly as I am able.



I just lurk ... but I read my blogs on google reader and I can still see all your posts/photos like that ... maybe there's a way you can recover/c&p from there??

Leave me a reply if you want me to email you if I can help at all!


I just wanted to drop you a line and express that I am so sorry to hear this and really hope that you're able to somehow recover them! I found your blog about a year ago from a friend of a friend of a friend sort of thing and really enjoy reading/seeing the photos. I live in SF, but am from Pittsburgh so have always felt connected to your blog. Again, I just wanted to let you know that I hope that something works out - I know how frustrating this must be for you.

Tess Carter

Unfortunately, if you still see any photos, they're either in your computer's cache locally or I've happened to replace them since it happened. :(

Rachel thanks so much for your sweet words! I still have all the important photos backed up on my own server in my albums (anything with our home/family/projects/etc). If I tried to restore everything it could take months- and some photos I'd have difficulty finding quickly. Because of that, I'll be deleting a LOT of posts I don't feel are worth restoring (personal/family/holiday/random/misc stuff). Anything with a high page view or that's house/design/project related will get restored- but it will still take me a bit of time. So when it's all said & done, you'll still be able to see my paint chip attic staircase and my black-walled library, but I'll delete posts about going on a walk, to the park, or a random cute picture of Pippa. :) And of course it won't stop me from continuing to blog!

Bethany Dirksen

thats the most terrible thing i have ever heard...good luck!

Erika D.

aaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I had the exact same thing happen off my galaxy phone.. I'm so sorry! I searched all over the web and found no solution to it, which seems so totally crazy.



Oh Tess! I can imagine that sinking feeling when you realized it was all gone! I actually had a dream where my laptop was stolen, which of course has all my pictures on it. I felt terrible, and that was just a dream! I hope you can get it all fixed somehow. <3 Tori

Stephanie S

UGH this exact same thing happened to me! I just finished going through all the broken photos and fixing them today. I only had 40 posts though. Sorry to hear that you're suffering through this as well.

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