02 June 2012

I hate bees.

We have carpenter bees in our porch roof. Again. And a bird's nest. Again. And now a wasp nest (that one's new). Yes, we treat and plug the bee holes, but they're constantly coming back, and we feel like we should do something else. As you can see- the roof wasn't really meant to be 'seen' permanently as is. Previous owners planned on finishing it into a 4 seasons room- but we don't plan on that. So these are our options...

1) Do nothing new. Live with bees. Be really annoyed and hope they don't do too much damage.

2) Seal with polyurethane. Going to be a huge pain with all those joists- it's not a small porch and it's tall. Also, it's not really meant to be 'finished' as is... obviously.

3) Paint it. Still a lot of work, and we're not sure if we'd like the look of paint. We'd probably do the tan that matches the trim on the house.

4) Put up a legit beadboard ceiling. It's more than we want to spend, but our bigger concern would be that bees or wasps could still find their way up there past the ceiling and then we couldn't even get to them. Don't know if they would or not though. 

So stylish. Especially with the 'THIS SIDE DOWN' and all.

Any thoughts? Anyone actually tackle this kind of project before?



No thoughts or advice but we have them too. They like our fence. Which is treated wood, but apparently that doesn't bother them. Ugh.

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