22 June 2012

Colorful Klippan Legs!

Ikea's Klippan sofa is pretty popular, but I don't know anyone who likes the cheap aluminum tube legs. Even though we're not in grad school anymore, Jesse and I still love our black leather Klippan- but we changed up the legs for some DIY wooden ones back in college. Unfortunately, when we moved to Pittsburgh, they must have gotten banged around quite a bit; our sofa has been pretty wobbly ever since. We finally decided to remedy the problem, and I wish we'd done it years ago!

The legs were $4 each from Ace Hardware, and since Ikea's sofas use metric bolts & screws, we simply screwed a new mounting plate on each corner (another $3 each?). So much easier than how we did it last time! Some tape and a couple coats of colorful paint later & I'm loving the new look. We could have gone with wooden tapered legs to match the coffee table from Uncle Bob's Workshop (seriously- I've heard great things!), but I think I prefer the surprise pop of color. I was also a little anxious about them seeming too thin for the chunky Klippan, but I really like the retro vibe they give- almost a hairpin look.

And if I get tired in the future... slap on a new color!



I really like these! I should do this to my couch.

Senne C.

Where'd you get that plaid?

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