04 February 2012

The Alpine Bed

Jesse and I have decided it might finally be time to upgrade to a queen sized bed. Nursing a baby in a full (with Jesse there too) isn't exactly a picnic, and we'd always planned on upgrading someday. We haven't gone mattress shopping yet (we're leaning towards a Tempur-Pedic), but we did pick out the new frame!
I've always loved the Alpine from CB2. The sleek, modern profile is right up our alley, but best of all is the integrated 'nightstand' with the ledge behind the headboard. With space limited, I'm excited to do away with nightstands- they always seem cluttered anyway & this will help us keep things tidy.

I'm also thinking this would look swell with some clamp-on architect lamps on each side... hmmm...



My boyfriend and I actually have that exact bed in the charcoal color. The ledge is useful for books, jewelry boxes, the alarm clock, and our phones. I'm still trying to figure out our lamp situation, but I would highly recommend this bed!

Also, the Serta memory foam mattress on Overstock is AMAZING. I have recommended it to several friends and they are all also fans. It's not terribly expensive (about $230 for the queen, if I remember correctly), and way cheaper than trying to mattress shop in stores with the high mark-up.

Good luck, and I hope you share what you end up selecting!


I love that modern silhouette.


When I was bed shopping, this is the bed I wanted! I didn't end up getting it, but I hope to see pictures of how wonderful it looks in your home!

Tess Carter

Oh Jess! So glad to hear you love the bed! I have my eye on some clamp-on lamps from Crate & Barrel.. hopefully they'll work with it. I checked out the Serta mattress- wow! What great reviews! Question though- since it's only 8" high, don't you have a gap under the headboard? I read on CB2 that you need an 11-12" mattress to cover the gap. We're definitely going to keep the overstock mattress in mind, but we're going to try out a bunch in store. Jesse hasn't ever slept on memory foam, so we want to see what the differences are (or if we can tell). :)

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