27 December 2011

Christmas Card Rejects

This is one of our Christmas card rejects (obviously). It seems that no matter what, there's always some pretty funny ones. This year though, Jesse had a phenomenal idea... he suggested including the funny rejects the back of the real card. Hilarious. Too bad we'd already printed this year's, so that'll have to wait until next Christmas!

24 December 2011

Vintage Glass Ornaments

It's been a very vintage Christmas decoration-wise in the Carter house this year. I decided to deck out the tinsel tree in old glass ornaments... and I love it! I love the shine! Don't you?

I'll always love Hallmark ornaments because they're what I grew up with. They're fun, themed, and make for great memories & keepsakes. The vintage glass ones have them beat on style and spark though. Let's just hope the tree doesn't ever fall!

23 December 2011

Finial Tree Toppers

Along with the new tree this year, I scored some vintage glass finial toppers from ebay. There's something so whimsical and fun about them, don't you think? I think I might try to make a stand for them to use as a centerpiece in the future, but for this holiday, they'll be up on the trees.

Love that sparkle & shine!

In the past, we've always had angels on top of our trees, which I like, but finding a really nice one can be difficult/expensive. I've never been a huge fan of star toppers, but maybe I just haven't seen a good one. I'm curious what the most common toppers are these days though...

20 December 2011

Texas Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend, Jesse, Pippa and I flew to Texas for our dear friends Kellye and Steve's wedding. As an added bonus, we got to see all our friends & family back home! The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and lucky for us, Pippa slept & nursed for all the flights. Such a great trip- I only wish it could have been longer...



Hey there little girl!

*Note: Apologies for the weirdness of these photos. My mom took them with her new camera & I can't figure out what is with the strange artifacting I'm seeing on them. I decided to share them anyway though...

06 December 2011

It's SANTA! I KNOW him! I know him!

...and now the babe does too!

We had our first official Santa visit this past weekend. Jesse's work had a holiday family shindig, so we figured we'd take the Pipsqueak. She did quite well at first- alertly taking in her busy surroundings, but as nap time came & went, she started to deteriorate. When we were finally called to get in line, she fussed and wailed the whole time. The second we sat her on Santa's lap though? Chill as could be. Apparently Santa's lap is magic. :)

Aside from seeing Santa, Pippa has been doing her part to spruce up the house for the holidays...

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