29 September 2011

Fall Festival!

On Sunday, we took the Pipsqueak to her first Fall Festival at Trax Farms. The weather was gorgeous, and the fall color is starting to pop up in these parts! She couldn't participate in much of anything besides looking cute and having photos taken of her, but we were able to pick out some pumpkins and get some good shots. My parents used to take us to all kinds of festivals and activities (especially around the holidays!), and I'm so excited to do the same with my little pumpkin now! :)

26 September 2011

Pippa's 1 Month Picture

I've decided to take monthly pictures of the little toot (similar to what Nicole over on Making It Lovely did). Each month I'll take a picture of her sitting in my Eames rocker in the nursery with the turquoise cat. I plan to do the same for future kids too- but with a different stuffed animal. Our first photoshoot went pretty well; she worked with us for quite a while before breaking into a wail...

04 September 2011

So blessed...

Our little Pipsqueak was baptized today! I've never felt so blessed; God is so, so good.

"Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'" ...Matthew 19:14

02 September 2011

100 Years of East London Style in 100 seconds

How cool is this video!? Love it!
Found on BoingBoing via Laughing Squid... "To announce the grand opening of Westfield Stratford City, which will soon be “the largest urban shopping centre in Europe”, Westfield created this fun short film, 100 YEARS / STYLE / EAST LONDON. The film, directed by Jake Lunt with The Viral Factory, amazingly gives the run-down of 100 years of East London fashion, dance and music in just 100 seconds."

...And my sincere apologies for being so MIA lately, but I'll be posting sparsely for a while as we settle in with our new addition. We've also had family in town, and I've been spending all my hours feeding & snuggling this little strawberry...

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