27 August 2011

Pip! Pip! Hooray!

So here's what I did with all those bump pictures we took every week! As slowly as everything seemed to go when we first found out we were expecting, I can't believe how fast this pregnancy went by. And now, she'll already be a week old come Monday- slow down little girl! The only thing I was glad to have go so quickly was labor... she was delivered only 5.5 hours after they started the induction. And now, I'm off to snuggle some more with this precious little newborn...

25 August 2011

Philippa Kroeger Carter

Born at 6:19pm August 22nd, 2011
8lbs 6oz. & 21.5" long

Absolutely perfect and such a blessing!
Everyone is home, happy, and doing well;
Jesse and I are head over heels in love. :)

08 August 2011

Social Media Propoganda

How cool are these vintage propaganda posters for Facebook and Twitter? They'd fit right in alongside my WW2 posters. I think the Twitter one is my favorite... Via JustOneScarf on Etsy

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