19 July 2011

The Nursery

While there's no baby yet, the nursery is ready & waiting (and so are we)! I'm really happy with how it came out- although being so tiny, it's by far the hardest room to photograph...

The balance of heirlooms, DIY, handmade, and fun finds is just right, I think. I'm loving the colorful, playful feel it creates, and I can't wait to see my own darling little girl hanging out in here! One more month... (or less!)

08 July 2011

Two-Toned Walls

Is it me, or am I seeing a lot of two-toned painted walls lately? Specifically painted lower halves- without any kind of chair rail or wainscoting. I'm really liking this look, and it doesn't seem too 'trend-like,' even though I'm just starting to see it. Might have to try it out soon... I think I know just the place for it in my own home!

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