29 June 2011

Kid Toys I Want... For Me

Preparing for a little one means I've started checking out a lot of the popular toys out there these days (even though we won't need them for quite a while). There are so many awesome, adorable options -remember my wheely bug? And then I come across toys that make me go, "WOW... I wish I'd had that!!! In fact... I still want it!" These are some of those toys...

This is Rody. He bounces, and he's awesome.
This Romanesque Building Block Set from The Wooden Wagon is so cool.
This is a musical marble run. I didn't even know what marble runs were until a few months ago- but this one can be constructed so that sending a marble through makes melodies. Awesome. Not surprisingly, it's $300 and currently sold out.

The Torpedo.

Vintage Pedal Plane... a ride-on toy I want to see in my house.
...And of course, I've always loved ferm living's Molecule Building Set. So very 'Eames.'

20 June 2011

Littlephant Hot Dog Poster (...and a sick day)

Jesse's workspace got a huge improvement with the addition of Littlephant's Hot Dog Poster. My mom surprised me with the print, and I love how it looks in the basement! Plus, even Jesse admitted... he liked it. That's right. Jesse said he liked the wiener dog print. The rest of his area is still 'in progress' as you can see, but I couldn't wait to share the print!

Unfortunately, he's home sick today after a weekend of sneezing, coughing, keeping me up at night, and having to cancel dinner plans with friends (boo!). After sleeping in half the day though, he's trying to get some work done in between naps with the dogs and shots of Buckley's.

17 June 2011

White Rabbit Curtain

I'm loving this white rabbit curtain over at Urban Outfitters. I could totally see my little sister Nell going gaga for it (she loves Alice in Wonderland, and who doesn't love bunnies?). It's so dreamy...

11 June 2011

Best Looking Baby Bouncer

As you can guess, our house is slowly starting to fill up with baby gear, toys, etc... And as you also might have guessed, I'm not thrilled with the necessity of incorporating some of those items into our regular decor. Enter: the Baby Björn Babysitter Balance Organic in Walnut/Khaki...

Yes, it's pretty much just a swell looking bouncer, and no, it doesn't vibrate/play music/light up/fly to the moon, and yes, I paid 3x the cost of other bouncers solely for the great design. But you know what? I love it. I love how light & portable it is, I love that it can be used past the infant stage, and I love that I actually like how it looks in our living room. Also, Pepper totally approves...

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