06 December 2011

It's SANTA! I KNOW him! I know him!

...and now the babe does too!

We had our first official Santa visit this past weekend. Jesse's work had a holiday family shindig, so we figured we'd take the Pipsqueak. She did quite well at first- alertly taking in her busy surroundings, but as nap time came & went, she started to deteriorate. When we were finally called to get in line, she fussed and wailed the whole time. The second we sat her on Santa's lap though? Chill as could be. Apparently Santa's lap is magic. :)

Aside from seeing Santa, Pippa has been doing her part to spruce up the house for the holidays...



HA! That bouncer pic kills me. She is so cute!

canvas picture

Aww I love her Raindeer slippers, wonderful!

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