23 December 2011

Finial Tree Toppers

Along with the new tree this year, I scored some vintage glass finial toppers from ebay. There's something so whimsical and fun about them, don't you think? I think I might try to make a stand for them to use as a centerpiece in the future, but for this holiday, they'll be up on the trees.

Love that sparkle & shine!

In the past, we've always had angels on top of our trees, which I like, but finding a really nice one can be difficult/expensive. I've never been a huge fan of star toppers, but maybe I just haven't seen a good one. I'm curious what the most common toppers are these days though...



I wanted a vintage one like that but I had a hard time deciding on just one. I guess next year I'll just have to have multipule trees! lol

We stuck with our tried and true star. (I got it at a garage sale at one point) I don't quite like it but I'm not a fan of a naked tree.

Almost Precious

We've always had an angel, not the elegant and expensive ones just something simple and sweet. This year it was a tiny, white plastic cherub along with gauzy, white ribbons. Guess I've always liked understated rather than over-the-top. :D

Love the vintage look of your tinsel tree and the lovely ornaments of days gone by. Very nostalgic and stately.

Wishing you a truly joyous Christmas.

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