08 July 2011

Two-Toned Walls

Is it me, or am I seeing a lot of two-toned painted walls lately? Specifically painted lower halves- without any kind of chair rail or wainscoting. I'm really liking this look, and it doesn't seem too 'trend-like,' even though I'm just starting to see it. Might have to try it out soon... I think I know just the place for it in my own home!


Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor

It's different, but I would only paint a wall like this with a shade darker or light than the main wall.

Leigh Spittel

It is certainly a dramatic treatment of a wall!It has a contemporary flair with crisp contrast and simple lines. It would look best in a large room with lots of natural light and dark wood or tile floors. The colored lower half anchors the space close to the ground and the white upper half provides a lofty and spacious feeling. I like using paint to create different wall treatments as it is far easier to correct mistakes and to change when you tire of it.
LaBella Leigh

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