20 June 2011

Littlephant Hot Dog Poster (...and a sick day)

Jesse's workspace got a huge improvement with the addition of Littlephant's Hot Dog Poster. My mom surprised me with the print, and I love how it looks in the basement! Plus, even Jesse admitted... he liked it. That's right. Jesse said he liked the wiener dog print. The rest of his area is still 'in progress' as you can see, but I couldn't wait to share the print!

Unfortunately, he's home sick today after a weekend of sneezing, coughing, keeping me up at night, and having to cancel dinner plans with friends (boo!). After sleeping in half the day though, he's trying to get some work done in between naps with the dogs and shots of Buckley's.



That poster is super adorable!

Paula Jo @ Home Decor Accents

I love the poster, and the work area for Jesse really looks nice. I hope Jesse feels better real soon.

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