29 June 2011

Kid Toys I Want... For Me

Preparing for a little one means I've started checking out a lot of the popular toys out there these days (even though we won't need them for quite a while). There are so many awesome, adorable options -remember my wheely bug? And then I come across toys that make me go, "WOW... I wish I'd had that!!! In fact... I still want it!" These are some of those toys...

This is Rody. He bounces, and he's awesome.
This Romanesque Building Block Set from The Wooden Wagon is so cool.
This is a musical marble run. I didn't even know what marble runs were until a few months ago- but this one can be constructed so that sending a marble through makes melodies. Awesome. Not surprisingly, it's $300 and currently sold out.

The Torpedo.

Vintage Pedal Plane... a ride-on toy I want to see in my house.
...And of course, I've always loved ferm living's Molecule Building Set. So very 'Eames.'



Ohhhhh!!! Me want! Me want! Those are some amazing toys! I love the Torpedo and the molecules set!

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