11 June 2011

Best Looking Baby Bouncer

As you can guess, our house is slowly starting to fill up with baby gear, toys, etc... And as you also might have guessed, I'm not thrilled with the necessity of incorporating some of those items into our regular decor. Enter: the Baby Björn Babysitter Balance Organic in Walnut/Khaki...

Yes, it's pretty much just a swell looking bouncer, and no, it doesn't vibrate/play music/light up/fly to the moon, and yes, I paid 3x the cost of other bouncers solely for the great design. But you know what? I love it. I love how light & portable it is, I love that it can be used past the infant stage, and I love that I actually like how it looks in our living room. Also, Pepper totally approves...



That is one seriously cute dog.

sallie kate

Hilarious photo!
I think I'll be just like you, paying more for the design. Sometimes it's a curse to be so design-minded.


I laughed because I'm the same way! I kinda cringe at all of the ugly plastic things that I feel like will be overtaking my life! So far, we've been able to keep things pretty stylin', but I'm jealous of your bouncer! We did get a pretty neutral colored one, but yours is just awesome!

wall art

Really great post, thank you so much for sharing this and aww the dog looks so cute!

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