06 May 2011

Dream Pets

Have you ever seen Dakin Dream Pets? My mother (and probably yours) had them as a child, and I used to love playing with the few she still had. They're made of velveteen and sawdust- they were originally used as additional packing protection for toy trains. They're also... adorable.

They were re-introduced back in 2004 (sold at Hallmark I think), and I fell in love! Collecting the new ones wasn't nearly as difficult as the original 200+ designs. I always knew I wanted to use them in my future nursery, and that's where they are now. I'm loving the playful, carefree look they lend the room. Something always seems 'off' when nurseries don't look like children actually live there- a little too grown up. No stuffy nurseries here!



Those are so adorable!! I love how bright, happy and fun your nursery is!

Stephanie S

I had a little yellow rabbit that I named "Dakin"...probably because that's what was on the tag. Loved that thing.

Miss Mary

These are so cute! I also really like what you say about nurseries not looking like children live there. I think your approach is so refreshing and nice!


I have the pink poodle. I would love to collect them all someday! Their colors go great in your nursery!

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