08 April 2011

"The Pickle Butt"

This... is my new diaper bag. It shares the same affectionate moniker as that little black imp pictured with it. It's a Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpack in 'Tranquil in Tibet' (scored for $50 off since it's a discontinued pattern!).

You see, our dog Pickle is often referred to as 'Pickle Butt' (or just... 'the Butt') due to attitude problems. When we discovered a line of diaper bags under the "Petunia Pickle Bottom" label, we couldn't believe it! Not only did I love the patterns, even Jesse had to agree, the name was pretty darn funny. So after reassuring myself it was worth the high cost by reading fabulous reviews (which appear completely deserved so far), I went ahead and ordered a "Pickle Butt Bag." And I'm pretty sure that's what we're going to be calling it. Permanently.

Aside from a hilarious name, aren't the color & pattern gorgeous? It's also a 'glazed' bag, sporting a water-resistant coating that allows you to easily wipe it down (a huge plus for me). It's generously sized with a slew of functional pockets, and it converts from a shoulder bag to a backpack. I'm also quite impressed with the quality; I can't wait to use it!



That is a gorgeous bag! My little girl is 3 now, so no more diaper bag, but I wish I'd seen these back when I was pregnant.

Paula Jo @ Home Decor | Garden Accents

What an adorable diaper bag. The story about Picle Butt is so cute.
I just had to laugh.

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