25 April 2011

New Patio Lighting

This was the sconce right by our back door- the original one didn't match a thing, but more importantly, it was always filthy. Even right after cleaning it'd look like this... not really the most welcoming light. Jesse and I both liked the 'bulkhead' look; I love the simple, modern lines, and Jesse loves that "it's like being on a submarine." After looking at probably hundreds of lights, we both agreed on this one, and we're loving the clean, unfussy look! (...and yes, I still need to paint that wire to match the brick!)

Next up was replacing our old Ikea paper lantern. As you can see from the 'before,' pretty much anything would have been an improvement. "Bare hanging lightbulb" just doesn't cut it... ever. The old paper lantern had a nasty habit of vanishing in sudden windstorms, and then Ikea discontinued the size we used. I looked at outdoor chandeliers and lanterns for weeks, but I simply couldn't find anything (within a reasonable price range) that I liked. So, I defaulted back to the look I originally loved- a new paper lantern! This one though, is larger at 30" wide, and it's made of nylon instead of paper (which gives it a nice glistening effect). It's also since been secured with fishing line to prevent any adventures around our neighborhood on windy days.

Our final little face lift was to hang our 'Texas Lone Star' that Jesse's mom got us for Christmas. I might not get bluebonnets, but at least I can have this. Yeehaw, y'all! :)

Didn't Jesse do a fabulous job hanging & wiring all of this up?? Thank you my love- you're amazing!!



Looking great. I love how a simple light change can make such a difference.

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