29 April 2011

The Crib!

Well, it's still just a bassinet actually, but either way, it's exciting! My parents generously purchased our crib for us (thanks mom & dad!)- the Argington BAM bassinet & crib set.

I'm so glad we went with this crib- it's perfect for our needs! We currently have it set up as a bassinet, and the lockable casters allow us to roll it into our bedroom as needed (it even fits through our smaller 'old house' doorways). It fits in the bedroom so well- almost as if it was designed for the space! Once the baby outgrows the bassinet, it'll expand into the full-sized crib...

I just fell in love with those rounded corners and the six-leg design... very art nouveau! At $585 for the set (bassinet, crib conversion, bassinet mattress & sheets), I think it's a great choice- a perfect blend of style and function for a reasonable cost. The rounded corners were a huge plus for our tiny space, and unlike most rounded cribs, the BAM takes a standard mattress- no custom bedding needed! While we don't have a baby to put in ours yet, we're quite impressed with the quality so far- sturdy, well made, and easy to assemble!



I LOVE your crib/bassinet! It is so YOU. Yay for our babies coming soon!

Stephanie S

Very cute and modern! The design is very clever.
On another note, I'm surprised you haven't put any of those adorable jumping sheep in the nursery...or have you?


Wow, that crib is awesome. People come up with such clever designs these days.

Also, I love the colorful mobile you have hanging above the crib!


The bassinet is adorable and fits the room perfectly! Great design!

mini baby cribs

The crib looks perfect!

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