28 March 2011

Nursery Tapestry

I hung this cheerful tapestry along the side of the nursery closet- isn't it perfect for the space? It was made by my Grandma Gertrude, who was an incredibly talented weaver/quilter/crafter (and made the baby blanket I posted about earlier). She passed away when I was just a baby, but I love that I have so many treasured heirlooms from her in my own home. Although, this tapestry/runner wasn't given to me... I snatched it from my sister's old room (where it wasn't getting any attention)! Finding something beautiful isn't too difficult, but to have so many beautiful things with so much personal meaning behind them is such a blessing.

PS: Just hit 20 weeks! We're half-way to meeting our wee bairn!



That's a beautiful quilt, and so much more because you know it was made with love. I'm sure that you grandma would be thrilled to know that her work is warming up the room of her soon-to-be great-grandchild!

brittany leigh

your little one's room is going to be so pretty and full of personal touches!


Such a beautiful quilt!

Adding the finishing touch

Wow, what a lovely quilt!

the red bungalow

I saw your feature post on MadeByGirl. I really love the use of happy/bright colors throughout your home. And of course, it will be great in the baby's room too!


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