08 March 2011

New Sectional Ottoman!

We crossed another to-do off our list! We found a replacement ottoman for the basement sectional. The old one was a craigslist find I'd painted, and while it held great storage (and was super cheap), it was really too large for the space. That combined with sharp edges meant routinely bruised shins for us... so we knew we'd need something 'softer' for when the baby gets here.

The search was punctuated by despair and annoyance. You see, we own one of the smallest sectionals around- but I didn't realize that meant finding an appropriately sized ottoman/coffee table would be so difficult. I finally resorted back to the rectangular ottoman that actually coordinates with the sofa, but we'd wanted something square or circular and a bit smaller.

Boy, am I glad I just went with it. This ottoman is perfect. While it isn't what we originally envisioned, it's VERY comfortable, not too big, and fits with our arrangement much better than I expected. The lid lifts up for ample future toy storage, but best of all... since it's meant to go with the set, we can do this...

So comfortable for lounging and watching movies! I was really reluctant at first, but this was a great buy- I really doubt I'd have found anything more suitable for our studio/game room! (Also, it was on sale when we bought it, so that makes me feel better too!)


Mary @ stylefyles

Awesome! I have a matching sectional/ottoman situation going on at my place, and I LOVE how I can drag the ottoman right against the couch for relaxing, watching movies, sleeping, etc. It's def. perfection.

Your sectional looks so sharp! I love the all-leather!

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