02 February 2011

Nursery Plan!

So here it is- my plan for the nursery! Here's a rundown of the basics...
  • Dark wood floors (already done)
  • Yellow striped ceiling (already done! photos soon!)
  • Monte Carlo Lunar II fan (on its way- more on that later)
  • Stained Glass Window (original to the house)
  • Wool Crewel Monsoon Leaf Rug (Anthropologie, already own)
  • Greige Eames Rocker (already own)
  • Vintage Rocking Horse (heirloom from my childhood)
  • Ikea Pax Tonnes (Ikea, gift from my parents several months ago)
  • Wool Felted Ball Mobile (PukaPuka)
  • Art Prints (Blanca Gomez)
  • BAM Crib/Bassinet System (Argington)
Of course there will be a ton of other little details (I already have the Offi Dachshund Lamp in there) , but this is my starting point. The room is tiny. Later on, I'll share the exact size & floorplan. I have 2 other rockers that I can switch out if need be, and the Pax comes stocked with plenty of drawers/shelves/racks- even a solid wood, ridged shelf we can use as a changing table! The BAM system from Argington is gorgeous too- I only pictured the bassinet here for ease of composition, but the crib itself is stunning. Hopefully I'll be sharing more in the next couple weeks!



You're WAAAYY a head of me! I'll be 34 weeks this weekend (Feb 5) and I'm barely finished painting! YIKES! However, I do have a rather nice mood board!


Mrs. Kroeger

I like this.


Hi! After your help, I ended up going with the Minka Aire Concept II! Your nursery looks fantastic! Now I am getting to get the design process underway!


SO adorable. I love the yellow stripes for the ceiling... it reminds me of one of my favorite rooms on Ohdeedoh. And i love Blanca Gomez! I have two prints of hers that I've been meaning to hang around the house... maybe I'll get around to it one day. I really should have done an inspiration/mood board for Isla's room... it came out way girlier than I wanted. This room looks great! Are you guys planning on finding out the sex later on, or do you want it to be a surprise?


I love your plan! Makes me want to start on mine...I've been trying to hold off, but I think I'm going to have to get going soon! Hope you are well!

The Wards

Amazing. I'm so happy for you to begin this process! Will you come help us set up our new-to-us place?

Tess Carter

thanks guys!

Kirsten- we'll definitely be finding out the sex! I'm not one for surprises at all :)

Kaethe- I'd love to :P Seriously- if you need help painting or designing/arranging- I love that stuff!

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