12 February 2011

Nursery Ceiling

The ceiling fan is finally up!

I painted the stripes a few weekends ago, and it only took about 24 hours to do. The room is tiny, so it went quickly, but you can bet my back and neck were killing me! Taping stripes that look parallel in an old house is never easy, but I'm quite pleased with the results. The yellow is 'yellow gold' from Behr in flat enamel. The new fan is Monte Carlo's Lunar II, but we're still waiting on getting the remote for it. Once we get that, you can bet those pull chains will vanish!

I'm particularly smitten with how the stripes look with the stained glass! No regrets here! :D





Warm and wonderful -- just perfect! Makes me want to replace my fans!


That looks so good.. its making me want to get decorating

Evermore Organics

This looks excellent. So bright and cheery. Plus there's a dog in the picture. Can't get better than that!


It's perfect!

sallie kate

That's SO fun!
Baby K will clearly pick up on great design as he/she looks up from the crib :)


Looks amazing! I hate painting ceilings! BUT the results are so worth it. Great job! I can't wait to see the rest!


wow! so cool! and also, I ADORE you rug too, and your puppies are soo so cute!


I'm just catching up on blog reading, and I just wanted to say congrats!

And of course, I LOVE the ceiling!!

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Wow that's a big ceiling fan! Loooks great though.

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