17 February 2011

The Attic Stairs

This is perhaps the most daunting project on my list (and the one I think I'm tackling first)...

The picture hides how awful this stairway is- believe me. It's a mess of cracking plaster, painted/peeling wallpaper from the 30's, and insanely worn stairs covered in tape/goo/and metal nail heads. A hatch door at the top opens to the attic, and this joyful little space is separated from the nursery by a single bi-fold door.

While it's by no means an immediate concern, I know that eventually a child will want to play in this stairwell- line up their toys & stuffed animals, play house. I know that because there was a door to the attic in my room as a little girl. Unbeknownst to my parents, I went in the attic all. the. time. There wasn't even anything cool in there; I just went because I could. I'm betting my own kiddos will do the same, hence my desire to tidy the space up. Here's what I've got to look forward to...
  • Strip wallpaper
  • Sand & smooth patched walls
  • Prime plaster
  • Paint or wallpaper
  • Repaint handrail
  • Replace light switch
  • Refinish stairs -or- add a runner
Sounds like fun...



This is what I immediately thought of when I saw the picture of your attic stairs:


(the photo of the staircase, obviously)

I always think of critters when I think of attics. Maybe because my mom always told me stories of all the squirrels that used to live in her attic as a little girl - she has some pretty hilarious stories about those pesky squirrels!


aaah, sorry the link didn't work!


NOT A FUN JOB! :( You are right though, how cool and fun it would be to have toys lined up the staircase! It will payoff in the end and your child will always have the memories of playing on the stairs and the attic. :) Good luck!

Tess Carter

Kirsten- it's adorable!!! Those little mice are so cute!! I'm definitely adding that to the inspiration shots I'm pooling.

Although, I'm not so sure we'll refinish the stairs. Since I'm pregnant, the task of sanding/priming/painting becomes more difficult. It's not impossible though (high quality ventilation mask?), so I just might spring for it! (Carpet or a runner does sound safer though...)

Paula Jo @ Home Decor

You really have some plans, and I hope you can get done with most of them before your baby comes. Just try not to over it, and have plenty of ventilation because of the fumes. That would have been really neat to have a stairway to the attic to play on when I was young.

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