29 November 2010

Cozy Little Library

You know all those people who tell you painting a room black is a terrible, terrible idea?
Yeah... they're wrong.

At night the walls just fade into velvet... it's a perfect reading nook!

Light comes in from all four walls (plus the glass doors reflect),
so the room is still flooded with light during the day.
(Edited to add: there's also an overhead light/fan, as well as recessed lighting on a dimmer, so it's a well lit room at night too!)

The old coffee table became the perfect bench!

Two of the old skinny bookcases went to the basement,
and we bought another wide Billy to simplify things.
(That door is usually open & leads to the bathroom, which has another nice big window!)

We only had one snag... after anchoring the bookcases to the wall, we found that Jesse accidently anchored them through the wall... and into the pocket door. Luckily, we were able to fix it & the hole is way up above view!

12 November 2010

Am I losing it...?

Lately, I've been researching options to convert our walk-up attic into an eventual office or playroom (not a project we're starting anytime soon). I stumbled upon this forum thread discussing an attic project in a stunning old victorian. Maybe it's me, but I love the before & loathe the after...

Am I crazy?? I know the before is completely unfinished, but it's just so beautiful and charming! Even if it stayed unusable, I think I'd prefer it to the bland after. What do you guys think??

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