27 October 2010

Finished Floors!

So they've been done for quite a while, but I finally sat down & went through some of the photos I took. Here they are!

I'm thrilled with how they came out as well as the little tweaks I made here & there in the decor... more on those later! Lesson learned: refinishing floors = SO messy, but SO worth it!

15 October 2010

A Perfect Red Trash Can

Isn't it lovely? It's the red Round Retro Step Can from simplehuman. I was a little anxious about ordering it sight unseen, but it's perfect! A beautiful candy-apple red, smooth & quiet pedal/lid action, and a very spiffy inner tub/bag getup. It's a lot like my old trash can (which broke), but it's noticeably higher quality & a lot more elegantly designed. It's a little pricey at $99, but comparing it with my previous trash bins (and the fact that it's in a high-profile location), it's completely worth it. Functional, efficient, and beautiful... plus a 10 year warranty!

12 October 2010

The Forest Moon of Endor

Jesse received not one but two Star Wars themed gifts for his thirtieth birthday (one being this print, and the other a mug). I'm all for it if they look as good in the living room as this print does!

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