09 July 2010

Skitchman Boo Radley, 2001-2010

Our precious little Booman passed away Wednesday night, and Jesse & I are just devastated. Our cozy little cave is down to four. I had him 9 1/2 amazing years, and I don't think we'll ever have a pet as precious, personable, majestic, or ridiculous as him. Thankfully, he went peacefully and painlessly in his cage at home after a great weekend with relatives visiting (extra attention & treats!), and he even watched the fireworks from his window on the 4th! We buried him out back & planted a Red Sunset Maple over his grave. We added a DIY bird bath/feeder to attract some 'boo friends.' I'm so thankful for the amazing time God gave us with him- he was such a furry little blessing!

07 July 2010

Window Films

Is it just me, or has there been a lot of buzz lately on decorative window films? Well, it's not something I'd usually consider or get excited about, but here's what my kitchen window looks like...

(At least you get to see the top of the new Grohe faucet- which we love btw)

Gorgeous, isn't it? The window is actually twice as tall as you can see (up to the ceiling), but this is how far the shade ever gets opened since it's as far as I can reach (and I don't care to see more brick wall anyways). If you're standing right close to it, you might even get to see the dirt & weeds on the ground below! Needless to say, it's not exactly a great view- and somedays I don't even open the shade! I'm thinking a window film might work wonders here- I'll be able to happily open the shade for some light, but I won't have to stare at... that.

I'm considering the Frosted Jacks and Small White Circles patterns, but I'm pretty sure I'm set on the Frosted Jacks (the circles might be too much with the penny round back splash...).

Thoughts? Anyone have any first-hand experience with these or other window films?

06 July 2010

How To: Pimp an Ikea Clock!

After the fuss over the George Nelson Block Clock, I found myself again longing for a more stylish time piece in our bedroom. We have the basic, functional (not too shabby) Ikea PUGG clock.

Considering our bedroom, we needed to punch this thing up with some color! Step one, take it apart! The clock can be easily disassembled by carefully removing the 3 braces along the back rim. Gently, but forcefully pull the black pin out of the front of the face, followed by the first hand. The hand will likely bend, but it can be easily flattened out again. I chose to leave the hour hand still on the clock & wrap the rest of the face in plastic bags. You can stick a little dot of tiki tak over the center pin. Pick your fav color paint & spray away! Make sure all pieces are fully dry before proceeding.

You may need to touch up the minute hand paint once it's back on the clock (I had some difficulty fitting it back on & nicked it). A simple re-wrap of plastic & quick spray will fix it back up. Once you're happy with it, simply finish reassembling... and you're done!

There are infinite possibilities too- you could adjust & personalize the face as well & don't limit yourself to paint. It's the perfect way to personalize a simple, affordable clock into something much more fun & personable!

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