24 May 2010

Party on the Stairs!

This Christmas, I hung silver tinsel garland along our stairwell- and loved it! Needing something less seasonal, I turned to bunting- and trend I simply adore these days! Jesse thinks it's silly- he says it looks like it belongs at a 5 year old's birthday party. I think it's fabulous... and personally, I don't see the problem with considering every day party worthy!

I made the bunting myself using felt & string- simply cut & hot glued them all together. Nothing fancy; super cheap & super fast. It's the perfect fix for any dull, neglected corners of your home! And really... who doesn't want a little more 'party' in their life? ;)

21 May 2010

DIY 'Shroom Shelves

I've been meaning to post about this for... oh... probably over a month now. I was really hesitant to finish the project, but I'm so glad I finally did! They're little DIY shelves made from mushrooms (yeah.. that's right... mushrooms- and tree mushrooms at that). You can find the tutorial here, over on Finder Maker. The shelves in the tutorial are much nicer looking, but I used the 'shrooms I could find, and for me, it was really about the fun of making them more than the final product. I basically followed Finder Maker's tutorial- so I won't bother with the step-by-step (you can check that out here).

They're not exactly going to hold anything heavy, but they're the perfect whimsical display shelves for my studio! I love displaying paintings that I'm selling- that way, I can enjoy them a bit before they get new homes. I painted mine glossy black to help me find a place to use them.

A bonus for this project is not only finding but getting the mushrooms. Friends & I got to watch as Jesse attempted scaling trees in the woods to capture the elusive specimens! You'll also be treated to a whole array of funny looks when you tell people why you want them (and who knows- after seeing the final product, they might still give you same looks!).

You can bet I'll be keeping my eye open for more 'shrooms to use in the future. Next time, I'll try a fun, bright color (instead of safe, simple black) now that I'm satisfied with the general outcome!! :)

PS- You can also see that the Boo got some new fabric for his studio cage as a 'surgery present!'

16 May 2010

The Patio

This weekend, we finished our back patio! Our goal was to make the space more comfortable and welcoming- particularly for entertaining, day or night.

We sold our little balcony-sized dining set and snatched up the Applaro table & 8 chairs from our Ikea. They were a month late coming in stock & within a week they sold out, so I'm thrilled we were able to grab a set! We strung 2 sets of frosted glass globe lights that we snagged at Target for some party flare. And the biggest project- we fit an Ikea Regolit shade with a canopy & down rod (so it wouldn't blow in the wind) & then hardwired it into the wall light. Jesse did an amazing job with hanging & wiring it!

We now have a patio that feels more like a room- with a much more efficient use of space & welcoming atmosphere. We love it- especially with the weather really warming up! If you live near us, be assured- you'll be invited over for a summer cook out! ;)

12 May 2010

My Apron in Everyday with Rachael Ray!!

Check out my Kitchen Clean Up Crew apron design- it's famous (sort of)!
You can find it on p.60 of the June/July grilling issue (in stores now), or over on Envelop where you can get your own!

Here's a close up ...and whoever said dachshunds weren't popular?

10 May 2010

Liberty of London Organizers

Wandering through the aisles of Target a while back, my eye was caught by these Liberty of London file boxes. They were a perfect fit for the super-shallow shelves of our basement bookcases.

Now, I know not everyone needs shallow file boxes- in fact most probably prefer thick ones -but if space is an issue, these are a lifesaver! Even Jesse was fine with his bookshelf being outfitted with them- much better than the sprawling, messy stacks of paper that were everywhere.

And how about this little fabric covered bin? Snatched it on clearance- $7! Perfect for holding pup toys...

...also perfect for holding the boo! :)

I'm really thrilled with these bins/boxes. Organization is so important, but I've always had a hard time finding functional tools that don't need to be 'hidden' away. It's really refreshing to find things I'm proud to use and have out in the open- and most importantly they didn't cost an arm & a leg!

05 May 2010

A Simple Pledge

I harbor serious ill-will towards some fonts. Here are some things that are on the same level as Comic Sans and Papyrus (the chief offenders):

- People who don't wave when you let them in (esp. when there's lots of traffic)
- Skinning your knee
- Puka shell necklaces
- Naming your kid "dweezil" or "pilot inspektor"
- Twilight
- Sunburns

So I bought this wonderful pledge poster from Lure Design. I plan on having Jesse & I sign it before hanging it proudly in our living room.

02 May 2010

Where Do You Go To My Lovely?

This might be my favorite song ever, and I thought it'd be a terrible travesty if I didn't share it- just in case you haven't heard it yet... ;) So romantic... so chic... Enjoy, my lovelies!

And not nearly as wonderful, but quite a fun video, is Right Said Fred's cover...

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