31 January 2010

Pickle Surprise!

Surprise! I'm in Houston for a week! ...and this is Pickle- the newest member of the family & Pepper's 1/2 sister. Isn't she precious? She's hanging out with the other 2 big sisters here in Texas before going back with me Thursday to meet Pepper. Since I'm visiting family, you'll have to forgive the limited posting, but in the meantime ponder what it's like to hold this little squeak-toy of a dog while it snuggles you to death! :)

28 January 2010

Chilewich Doormats!

Our old doormats were ready to pass on. The front door one was nice and big, but quite boring- and it was really taking a beating with all the salt & snow! The kitchen door sported the only brown one I could find (to blend into the floor)- a $4 Target mat that had already been replaced multiple times.

After an angst-filled night looking for something attractive, durable, and not too pricey, I finally struck gold:

They're vinyl shag utility mats from Chilewich. Durable, practical, seemingly indestructible... and they look good. They're pretty pricey though ($150 for a 3'x5'... ouch!), but my luck wasn't over yet. Over on RedLollipop.com you can get big discounts on them- and they also sell 'irregulars' for 50% off. I bought 2 irregulars... and can't tell the difference! :D My only wish was that I could have gotten a bigger one for the front door, but the bigger size wouldn't fit... so there isn't anything I can do about that. Either way, I'm basking in how happy a doormat can make me...

26 January 2010

Hemnes Knobs...

Remember when I posted about those adorable Anthropoligie Timepiece knobs that would look great on my dining room Hemnes? Well, I don't have them. Yeah... I know... let down.

But I did do something with it! I finally remembered a set of antique brass knobs my mom had given me when they were updating their house. They didn't end up using them & would rather give them to me than pay a re-stocking fee.

I think they look lovely on the Hemnes! Makes it a whole lot more elegant for sure- and the brass ties in with the clock plates (although you can't see them here). Only problem? I'm missing ONE. (That's why this picture is a closeup). I'm going to try and track it down somewhere where it doesn't cost me $13 for a single knob...

25 January 2010

Pepper in the Pod!

The new eiCrate is here & set up- and we all love it! We could only get it in black (white was sold out), but I'm quite happy with it regardless... and so is Pepper!

21 January 2010

Side Table Solutions... Part 2

After much agonizing, I've come to a solution that solves my problem 90% & that I'm quite happy with:

The 'new' side table got moved to the adjacent library- where storage was also needed. The current winner is our "C" side table (from Crate & Barrel a year or so ago) which used to slide under the couch. I'm not crazy about having no table near the couch, but it's more of a 'lounger' anyway, so it should be ok. This one blends in without knocking out 1/4th of the fireplace quite nicely. The other one still stands where it was, and at least it provides some of the storage we wanted.

My only concern now is how to brighten up that corner. I have no desire to cover or replace those black Poang cushions, so that's not an option. I actually spent all night fitting and painting cardboard to the back of the built-in -thinking that was sure to do the trick. The back now fades from white to the 'olive oil' chartreuse in the kitchen (with the fireplace beige mixed in too). It blended and brightened so nicely- but you can't see it!! The glare from the glass knocks it out unless you know what you're looking for... and the pictures refuse to show it at all. At least I'm pretty happy with how it looks now... :)

20 January 2010

Side Table Solutions

UPDATE: Ok... ok... don't worry, I'm not painting them! I found the only solution I could (for now), which I'd say is 90% successful. I'll post pics tomorrow- hope you all like the solution!

I finally made what I feel was a great buy via Craigslist. I got this pair of solid wood night stands for $25 (I'm using them as side tables)!

They have 3 drawers, a nook, a night light underneath (switch on the side), and an outlet on the back- but Jesse wants to redo the wiring in them. Based on the photos, I was planning on a complete, immediate refinishing job, but after cleaning them up a bit, I was shocked at how good they looked (not perfect, but not bad!).

My only concern is placement of this one:

It seemed a little off or crowded at first, but now that we've been using it, Jesse & I love its place there & how functional it is. I can't get over how well the wood matches the mantel- the Poang's placement is a must- so no moving that around. I considered a little pedestal table, but it would be less functional and I have yet to find a well-made affordable one. What do you think? Is it really so awful?? What if I paint the drawers white...?

(excuse the wonky photoshop job)

19 January 2010

Nelson Saucer is in the Kitchen!

Yay! It's here! It's here! ...and I LOVE it!

Definitely an improvement on the old fan (good-looking as it was) imho. I love the ambiance it gives... and I can't resist making creepy UFO noises anytime Jesse walks near it. :D

15 January 2010

Basement Bath...

I've shown a sneak of the basement bathroom before- it's the only room in the house that hasn't been painted (not counting closets- and even some of those were painted) because it was in great condition and pretty cute as is.

Pardon the horizontal artifacts 2/3rds up- I composited two pics together to fit it all in one image

A recent change did happen though- we got a new shower curtain! The old one was very nice indeed and looked lovely, but it was traditional & mellow- which isn't very becoming of a room directly next to a wall of bright yellow zig zags and a giant, plush nuclear bomb. We wanted something more cheerful, and I found it in the Home Vista Tree Shower Curtain from Target. I was hesitant because it's been so popular (evidenced by it's largely being sold out and constant appearances on Apt. Therapy). I'm really glad my mom got it for us though for our anniversary- it's perfect for the space and livens it up just enough!

08 January 2010

The Perfect Vase!

Yay! I received my white Areaware Brush Vase from www.allmodern.com yesterday... it's lovely! I was really impressed with the shipping- it came much earlier than I expected- like... the next day (although it shipped from Ohio & we're in PA). Packaging was extremely thorough; it took me about 10 minutes to get the thing out, but better that than a chance of damaging it i suppose!

Here it is being a conventional vase:

The vase is cast resin, and it's simply stunning! I wasn't sure what to expect with resin (I was a little fearful of a plastic look), but it has this raw, elegant 'just came out of a studio' feel that I love! You can really tell that it was cast directly from actual brushes, and maybe it's just the artist in me, but that makes it all the more alluring- the little imperfections and realistic touches. It's part of Harry Allen's REALITY line, so I suppose that's the whole point. There's something inherently beautiful in the tools used in making art- and this vase really helps capture that- not only as a piece of art itself, but as a functional piece! It came with a fitted glass insert so that I can use it for flowers, cuttings, paintbrushes... whatever! And knowing how much I like to move things around in my house, that's a big bonus! I've already been moving it from room to room! :D

Here it is perched gloriously in my studio!

And here, it's just looking gorgeous in my white mantel collection!

The last time I talked about vases I preached the values of classic simplicity. But here, there's just no comparison for something so special and unique- I think it's something my friends would call a 'tess vase.' Not only that, but it's an elegant, functional piece of art that doesn't cost an arm and a leg (a reasonable $75) and isn't going to show up on your friend's table next week. I love having something so elegant that can double holding my grubby paint brushes in my studio and then hold roses in the garden or bay windows upstairs. Lovely!

As stated before, I was provided this product free of charge by www.csnstores.com. The opinions, descriptions, and throughts presented are entirely my own, and I received no other compensation.

04 January 2010

A Not So Traditional Vase...

I was recently given the opportunity to do a product review from csnstores.com. If you haven't checked them out, I would highly recommend taking note- they have over 200 online stores with an outstanding selection of home items from super-budget to super-luxe (how I've managed to be unaware of them until now baffles me)! My favorite is www.allmodern.com, but you can also find great living room furniture and dining room furniture as well. They carry a ton of well-known brands and designers as well as a lot of lesser-known treasures as well- which makes shopping for something specific much easier!

Ironically, after my post a couple days ago on simple, traditional vases, I went with the Areaware Brush Vase... :D I should get it next week and can't wait to share it with you all! I'm going to try and find as many places/ways to use it as possible...

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