12 November 2010

Am I losing it...?

Lately, I've been researching options to convert our walk-up attic into an eventual office or playroom (not a project we're starting anytime soon). I stumbled upon this forum thread discussing an attic project in a stunning old victorian. Maybe it's me, but I love the before & loathe the after...

Am I crazy?? I know the before is completely unfinished, but it's just so beautiful and charming! Even if it stayed unusable, I think I'd prefer it to the bland after. What do you guys think??


Mel P

I'm with you. The before, with the warm wood, has so much more character.


You are not crazy, that is breathtaking! The lines of the ceiling are amazing!


omg, I totally agree 100%!! The first photo made me want to step right into it and I felt absolutely nothing positive when looking at the second photo. Wow...


how about a "you may be losing it"

I really dislike the carpet in the photo, but completely understand why they dry walled everything in. If it had beautiful hardwoods and wasn't so pink, would ou feel differently? (are the walls pink or is that just the carpet "reflecting" on the walls??)


I have to agree. A gorgeous space but it really lost a lot of character in the renovation


I love the before also - but cringe at the energy loss associated with a totally uninsulated space.

Tess Carter

Sara & burrito- I can get on board with the fact that the space probably needed to be insulated and clearly wasn't useable in the first photo, but I think what gets me is the total lack of character & charm in HOW the renovation was completed. I feel like they took a very special place in a very special location (you can only have an attic like that in an old victorian I'm sure), and they made it look so generic that it could be located in any mcMansion. Perhaps had they better chosen the finishes and details I'd be on board...


I agree, it has so much character! I would have used it as a charming little art studio.


yes, they definitely did strip it of all it's character!

New City Kid

Yes, the warmth of the space is lost. I, too am looking at a similar project(Probably further into the future than I would like..) My attic is very similar to this one. Maintaining textures is paramount to keeping the space visually interesting as well as choosing the right finishes. It's tricky and when you are in the throes of such renovations, you do tend to make decisions based more on practicality than design.


I agree that the space lost character. I have a Victorian with similar roof lines/height. I've seen many pictures of finished attics that have used hardwood paneling on the ceiling/walls instead of drywall and if done right can really add to the character of the space. I plan on finishing my attic in the next 2-3 years and will be using hardwood for a more rustic look. Down with drywall!!!

canvas art

Really love it, I can't see why you don't like it :o

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