27 October 2010

Finished Floors!

So they've been done for quite a while, but I finally sat down & went through some of the photos I took. Here they are!

I'm thrilled with how they came out as well as the little tweaks I made here & there in the decor... more on those later! Lesson learned: refinishing floors = SO messy, but SO worth it!


Bethany Dirksen

They really look great. I can't imagine taking on a huge project like that, but you have wonderful results.

Your babies are adorable, by the way.


I realize this post was about your incredible looking floors (which I am super jealous of), but I can't get over how cute your dogs are!

Sallie Kate

I'm distracted by the weenies! I forgot I was looking at the floor :)


I just came across your blog and have had so much fun checking out your posts and images! Your love for dachshunds and just animals in general remind me so much of my husband and I loving our parrots and just about every animal we come across lol

A big thanks for providing some definite inspiration and eye candy!

Take care,


I love your poster! Where did you get it!

Tess Carter

thanks umama!

It's actually plywood, spraypainted using stick on letters as stencils. We then outlined the words in neon paint too. :) Super easy project- we got the idea on Apartment Therapy!

canvas prints

What a lovely picture on the wall, love it.

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