24 September 2010

Ruffled Book Wreath

Since I didn't have enough to do this past week while we refinished the floors, I decided to undertake another crafty project at night (while we were hiding out in the basement- furthest from the fumes!). I made a ruffled book wreath for the front door!

Isn't it lovey!? I'm so smitten with how fluffy it looks. The book I used (Nine Tomorrows by Isaac Asimov) already had yellow pages & I accented them with an overall light metallic gold spray paint- for just a touch of fall. If you're considering making one of your own, I highly recommend it.

This is most certainly not my idea- I found the DIY instructions over on Living with Lindsay- check them out if you're in the market to make your own. The project took me about 2-3 hours or so (all of them planted in front of a tv), and my only cost was glue sticks, since I already had a wreath frame & the book. Before you lecture me on the sins of ruining books or using them for anything other than reading- let me explain further. The binding on this copy had literally disintegrated. Every time I opened or turned to a new page, it would break in half again. It was already in at least 6 pieces, and I knew I'd never read the copy again since it kept falling apart. As sad as it was to tear it apart- it seemed like a better alternative than tossing it out or letting it rot on the shelf. It's also nice to be welcomed home by some of my favorite short stories. :)



what a cute idea!It looks great

The Great Elephant Symposium

It looks great!


So pretty! I love using books to make things. I bet it looks better in person :)


I love it! I think I might have to make one.


I love this wreath. So perfect for fall.

Brenna Peterson

i am SO making this! .. now which book to sacrifice...

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