09 July 2010

Skitchman Boo Radley, 2001-2010

Our precious little Booman passed away Wednesday night, and Jesse & I are just devastated. Our cozy little cave is down to four. I had him 9 1/2 amazing years, and I don't think we'll ever have a pet as precious, personable, majestic, or ridiculous as him. Thankfully, he went peacefully and painlessly in his cage at home after a great weekend with relatives visiting (extra attention & treats!), and he even watched the fireworks from his window on the 4th! We buried him out back & planted a Red Sunset Maple over his grave. We added a DIY bird bath/feeder to attract some 'boo friends.' I'm so thankful for the amazing time God gave us with him- he was such a furry little blessing!



I'm sorry...what a lovely little tribute you have posted...

Cut Copy Create

What a lovely collection of photos, looks like great times :)

Bead Up

People who have never had pets whom they love just don't understand a loss like this. I have a doggie who consumes my life and give me more love than I can possibly share with others -- it looks like Skitchman was the same for you! I am so sorry for your loss and hope that you all give yourselves time and grace to grieve :)


looks like lots of love and lots of memories, sorry for your loss.


I'm sorry about Skitchman Boo Radley. R.I.P.


I'm so sorry :(


What an adorable pet! Although, I have never thought of having one, They certainly look like they have a lot of personality.

What a wonderful tribute!



I'm so sad! We had a rabbit that was human like. He even swam in the pool! I remember how I felt when he died. Lovely collection of photos


Oh I'm so sorry :( Chinchillas are fabulous little animals, looks like he led a full happy life.


I'm so sorry to hear about Boo! My heart dropped when I read this post! It's hard to adjust after something like this happens!
So glad you made such a nice "memorial" outside for him! It's such a nice way to remember him.


Sorry about that :( Sounds like he was a wonderful pet...nice pictures, too. Hope you are doing well!


This makes me so sad, and I send you my condolences - loving and nurturing a pet for so long gives them such an important place in our hearts, souls, lives. RIP Boo.


oh no! I'm so sorry for your loss :(
I felt the same pain when my little Shmee passed away.

I love all your pictures; he looked like a lovable & sweet little guy.


oh no. i am so sorry for your loss. i got all teary eyed reading this & seeing your lovely tribute. looks like you shared many wonderful memories. you are in my thoughts. ::hugs::


I'm so sorry for your loss. It looks like he had an absolutely amazing life - be strong!

Tess Carter

thanks so much for all the sweet comments everyone! He really was such an amazing little pet- and he did have an amazing life! I can only pray that my own future kiddos will have a pet as awesome as him...

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