15 June 2010

Warm Weather Bedding

No doubt about it- summer is here! Now that we don't live in Texas, we've been doing our best to keep the AC off whenever possible. It's quite nice to sleep with the windows open at night, but our duvet/comforters are just too hot (even the light one)! So, we went out & snatched up this chic, light quilt from Dwell Studio for Target...

Love it!! It's the perfect weight, looks great, and it's super-soft. We tried to find a simple white quilt (I love all-white bedding in this room), but the ones we found were more than we wanted to spend or looked cheaper... so color & pattern it was!


Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy

Love the new bedding! I remember when you posted about your It's Been a Hard Day's Night..." artwork and I have bookmarked it for a project down the road, but I was just wondering if you outlined the letters? It looked like you did it in yellow marker. I really like how it turned out.

Tess Carter

Thanks Shannon!
Yes, actually, we did 'enhance' the Hard Day's Night board. It was meant to be temporary, but we liked it enough that we decided to keep it. I'll do a post on it soon showing a close-up, but we basically very loosely (on purpose) outlined it in a neon yellow fabric paint- so it's a glossy and a bit 3D. It has a sketchy look that I love & it was a great way to pump it up just a bit- highly recommend if you're planning on doing a similar project in the future! :)

Sallie Kate

very cute.
had to laugh, though, at the thought of sleeping with the windows open here ;)


Love the new quilt- the colors are fabulous! Loving The Hard Day's Night board too!

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